Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tea Wisdom

Here at the tea center in Taiwan, we drink tea as a means of connection. This means connection to Nature, to others near and far, to the divine and to Wisdom and Truth. There are many ways we practice this connection in our lives of tea. One is a weekly book reading we hold here on Wednesday mornings.

Each Wednesday, we discuss a book related to Tea Wisdom. Each local student and each guest has a unique viewpoint to share, and we are often surprised and delighted by the perspectives offered during each discussion. This week, we discussed a reading about Taoism, a topic closely related to tea both historically and in the practice of drinking and serving tea.

There's a saying that's older than the word "cha" for tea in China which can be translated to "Drink tea and talk about the Tao." And that's exactly what we did. Over this month's Global Tea Hut tea, locals and two guests (one regular visitor from Germany and another visitor who is from America, but who just returned here after some travels in India) all shared their thoughts, feelings and perspectives on this topic. Although it's often said that the Tao that is spoken is not the Eternal Tao, there's also so much to say around the Tao, and so that's what we discussed. It was a beautiful tea session filled with insights and connection to each other and to deeper truths.

If you can make it to Taiwan, we welcome you to visit us here at Tea Sage Hut for tea sessions and discussions about Tea Wisdom (plus community, vegetarian food and lots of other good things). But if you can't, we can still connect through Global Tea Hut, and you can get more Tea Wisdom from The Leaf, Zen & Tea One Flavor and The Way of Tea.

Wishing you Tea Wisdom in every sip!

~ The Tea Sage Hut family

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