Thursday, August 28, 2014

September Global Tea Hut Is on Its Way

September Tea of the Month, "King of the Forest"
The September issue of Global Tea Hut is finally on its way. We apologize sincerely for the delay. This means that many of you may not see it until mid-September. However, the lateness of this month's issue is due to two very awesome announcements:

1) The magazine has a brand new layout. We've spent literally dozens of hours redesigning Global Tea Hut. We are very proud to say that the new and improved magazine looks more professional, flows more smoothly and is easier to read!

2) There is a new tradition in Global Tea Hut. As many of you know, September is the largest full moon of the year, which is a very important Chinese holiday. To honor that, every year in this month we will use the money that we ordinarily set aside for a gift to make the magazine twice the size! Essentially, we are giving you tea information as a gift.

This month's magazine is double in size and completely devoted to puerh tea. It is one of the largest collections of information on puerh tea in the English language. There are articles on the regions of Yunnan, puerh processing, aging and storage and much more...

And that is why it won't matter that it is a bit late this time: We are sure you'll be reading and re-reading this one for a long time to come! In fact, we've sent along a bookmark with some of Wu De's artwork on it as an extra gift, to help apologize for the delay!

We hope you enjoy the brand new magazine and the special September Puerh Edition! A lot of love went into its creation...

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