Friday, April 3, 2015

Explore Out of the Love

Why not learn the medicinal, spiritual and life-changing language of Tea before exploring the more mundane? Otherwise, Tea won’t be as much a doorway to the Sacred and harmony, as it will be another distraction. And all of this is as true of life as it is of Tea. We aren’t meant to grope around in our five senses, or the objects of them, looking for our love. And you won’t find it there anyway—you’ll find only dissatisfaction and a lacking hole that’s never filled. We are meant to love first, and explore out of the love. Be in love, and then explore the world of the senses, celebrating every flower’s smell, every song and all the delicious Tea. If you are looking for your love by searching around in experience, you won’t find it. Wrong direction. It’s in you!

—From Wu De's book "Tea Medicine"

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