Friday, April 18, 2014

Light Meets Life Puerh Cakes

Last year, we started an annual tradition--a fundraising drive for our new tea center in Taiwan. The new tea center is called Light Meets Life. Similar to our current center (Tea Sage Hut), Light Meets Life is a nonprofit, donation-run center devoted to sharing the spirit and wisdom of tea with guests from around the world.

Anyway, more about the tea! In spring of 2013, we pressed three kinds of organic puerh cakes. Two were organic sheng puerh teas: one from Ailao Mountain and the other from Wuliang Mountain. And the third cake was an organic shou puerh pressed with organic "snow chrysanthemums"--a special kind of red chrysanthemum that blossoms out of the snow high on the Tibetan Plateau. The first two cakes are great for drinking now or for aging, and the third is a warming tea that we recommend enjoying in wintertime. For more info on each one, check out the July issue of Global Tea Hut, available to read for free here on our website.

Next month, we'll continue this tradition by traveling to Yunnan to press a new batch of organic puerh cakes as a Light Meets Life fundraiser. Exciting! In the meantime, we still have a few (very limited amount) cakes from last year left. If you're interested in donating toward the construction of Light Meets Life (and getting some amazing puerh in the process), contact us! globalteahut @ gmail . com

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