Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Visiting Taiwan

One of the really amazing things about Global Tea Hut is how much it supports our tea center in Taiwan. At the tea center (which is called Tea Sage Hut), we work on a lot of different projects, such as mailing out Global Tea Hut each month, studying tea, serving tea for free to passersby and promoting organic tea. And one of our major activities here is hosting hundreds of tea lovers each year.

Right now, we're hosting two guests from Russia (one of whom helps run a sister center in Moscow and who is pictured here), a guest from Toronto who just recently fell in love with Global Tea Hut and Petr Novak, a Czech potter with great tea spirit who has supported what we do here for a long time through his craft.

Guests at Tea Sage Hut have the opportunity to participate in many tea sessions, to hand-roll their own tea, to brew side-handle pot tea, bowl tea and gong fu tea, to hear lectures on tea and related topics, to visit tea and tea ware shops and much, much more.

If you're interested in visiting us, check out the experiences of other visitors and contact us for more information. We hope to share tea with you here sometime!

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