Sunday, May 4, 2014

FAQs: Delivery

You ask, we answer! In addition to questions about payment, we get a lot of inquiries about delivery. Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions about shipping:

Can I get Global Tea Hut in Thailand? South Africa? The UAE?

Yes, yes and yes. Any country that can receive mail can receive Global Tea Hut. We currently ship to over 30 countries around the world (including those three). You can learn more about our international tea community in this blog post.

How often is Global Tea Hut sent out?

Global Tea Hut is mailed out once every month (with lots of love).

How long will it take an envelope to get to me?

We mail envelopes out early enough that most Global Tea Hut members receive each month’s issue just before the start of that month. (So, just like most magazines, the April issue will arrive in late March.) Some countries (such as Russia and Germany) have slower postal systems or more complicated customs, so it takes a little longer to receive Global Tea Hut.

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