Sunday, May 4, 2014

We're in Yunnan!

Last year, we started an annual tradition to raise funds for a bigger tea center in Taiwan. It's not any old fundraiser--it's a custom pressing of organic puerh cakes especially for Light Meets Life. Last year, we pressed three cakes: an organic Wuliang Mountain Sheng Puerh, an organic Snow Chrysanthemum Shou Puerh (pictured above) and an organic Ailao Mountain Sheng Puerh.

This year, we're in Yunnan to press more tea cakes. We're having another batch of the Shou pressed, as well as a red tea cake and another Ailao. This time, we're traveling to Ailao to select the leaves ourselves. Ailao is a protected reserve in which ancient tea trees are responsibly harvested, and we feel honored to be able to visit and share in this incredible gift from Nature.

After we return to Taiwan, we'll post some photos and notes from our trip here on the blog, and write about the trip in more detail in the Global Tea Hut magazine. In the meantime, wish us luck!

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