Monday, May 5, 2014

FAQs: More Questions

Have more questions about Global Tea Hut? Get the answer here or contact us for more info.

Can I send Global Tea Hut as a gift?

Absolutely! We offer a 3-month gift subscription. You make a one-time payment of $50 to $175 and we send three months of Global Tea Hut to someone you love. (Higher donations further support our free tea center.) Your gift recipient will get a notecard in their first month’s envelope explaining what Global Tea Hut is and who the gift is from, and then they will get a note in their last envelope thanking them for being a part of our tea community for three months and letting them know how to resubscribe if they so desire.

Are you on Facebook and Twitter?

Yup. On Facebook, we post extra photos and news. On Twitter, we talk more about the day-to-day life at our free tea center in Taiwan.

Can I visit your tea center in Taiwan?

Yes, our tea center is open to all who wish to drink tea here. You can learn more on the Tea Sage Hut site.

Who do I ask if I have more questions?

You can email us. For deeper questions, you can gaze into your tea bowl and find the truth Tea has to offer...

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