Monday, July 7, 2014

Global Tea Hut Videos

We love sharing Tea. We share tea sessions in Taiwan and abroad. We send out teas to over 30 countries around the world every month. And now, we're sharing Tea Wisdom with all of you lovely people over the Internet with a new series of tea videos about each issue of Global Tea Hut.

You may have seen our YouTube video channel before. If not, take a little time to explore it and deepen your journey into the way of tea.

The July 2014 Global Tea Hut video features Wu De and our newest Hut resident, Max. They talk about this month's magazine and tea, drink tea together and share about the Hut's recent trip to Yunnan, China.

Each month, we'll post another video about that month's Global Tea Hut issue, so if you're ready to learn more, look out for them on our YouTube Channel around the same time as your envelopes show up in the mail.

Wanna know more about the Global Tea Hut videos? Cool.

If you haven't subscribed to Global Tea Hut yet, check out the What is Global Tea Hut? video first. It will explain what we do and how it benefits you, tea farmers and the environment.

If you already know what Global Tea Hut is all about, we recommend the videos on Bowl Tea, Boiled Tea and Side-handle Pot Tea to help you learn more about these three tea brewing methods.

And if you want to learn more about what Global Tea Hut helps do in Taiwan, watch the Light Meets Life Intro video. You'll be amazed at what's going on these days!

Happy viewing!

Wishing you joy and wisdom in each sip,
The Global Tea Hut family

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